Robert Caspary

Robert Caspary - Transiting 2019

Robert Caspary - Transiting 2019


Robert Caspary is a lens-based artist whose practice is rooted in experimentalist concepts and practices. Manipulating his images with both traditional and contemporary arts and photographic techniques, Caspary examines, through his imagery, the stratification of emotive and environmental agents of contemporary urban life. His themes are of ritual and tradition, public work and private life, and the shifting emotive resonance and life energies than runs through all. His current work examines the re-contextualized concepts of body-memory and performative recall, the ‘photograph’ as mnemonic appliance for memory retrieval and permanence, and recall, social memory and patterns of merging ritual and archetype during rapid globalization. Caspary also works with pre-photographic memory traditions of oral histories shared within collective activities of ‘craft’—meals and food preservation, sewing/quilting/knitting circles, music and song circles.

 Email: robertcaspary88@gmail.com

Website: www.robertcaspary.com

IG: @robertcaspary88

Group III
May 20 – June 1, 2019

 @ Artscape Youngplace, 3rd Floor
Opening Reception:  Thursday, May 23, 6 – 8 pm
Artists’ Talk: Saturday, May 25, 2 – 3 pm, led by Fred Lum