Atia Pokorny

Atia Pokorny - Leporello 2018

Atia Pokorny - Leporello 2018


Atia Pokorny, a native of Prague, has lived and worked in Toronto since 1982. Her work, based on a lifetime engagement with architecture and art, increasingly focuses on experimental approaches to her lens-based art. Pokorny's use of digital interventions and manipulation of finished photographs by folding, cutting, and collage specifically applies to her exploration of memory and its relationship to photography, and to examination of the fluidity of what is remembered and what is imagined. As a member of Gallery 44, she had a solo exhibition, “Space Revisited”, in the Members' Gallery (2016), and has participated in numerous group shows such as “On Process and Practice” (2017), and “Memory and Photography Lab” (2019). This is her fourth year participating in the Contact Festival. Pokorny's Leporelo and Treasure Boxes shown in this exhibition represent an imaginary archive of her treasured memories.

Contact: atiapokorny@gmail.com

Website: www.atiapokorny.ca

IG: @pokornyatia

Group III
May 20 – June 1, 2019

 @ Artscape Youngplace, 3rd Floor
Opening Reception:  Thursday, May 23, 6 – 8 pm
Artists’ Talk: Saturday, May 25, 2 – 3 pm, led by Fred Lum